CCIG Conference “Opportunités et Défis des ONG aux Nations Unies”

20 May 2014 at 18h30

 On the occasion of CCIG’s General Assembly, a conference titled, “Opportunités et Défis des ONG aux Nations Unies” will be held on 20 May 2014 at 18h30 at 1 rue de Varembé (ground floor), Geneva. Ricardo Espinosa, former Chief of the NGO Liaison Office at the United Nations Office in Geneva, will lead the conference. Mr Espinosa will discuss the advantages and challenges of NGO participation in the UN system, including limitations and opportunities that come with ECOSOC status. He will focus particularly on the evolution of the ECOSOC status and new possibilities in the near future. The conference will be presented in French. 

For further information, please consult the conference invitation or contact the Secretariat at For directions to 1 rue de Varembé, please consult CCIG’s contact page.