Organized by the the CCIG and UPR Info, a webinar entitled “Human Rights Indicators for Monitoring UPR Progress” was conducted on Oct 29, 2020.  The training was facilitated by Nicoletta Zappile, a Programme Manager of the UPR Info.

The training aimed to highlight the crucial role of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in the monitoring of the government’s action on the UPR Recommendations.  Ms. Zappile presented a tool for monitoring through the use of Human Rights Indicators. These are information that is used to measure whether HR are fulfilled within a given State.  They provide a reliable & simple way to measure achievements and challenges, as well as, reflect changes linked to actions to further promote Human Rights progress.  Concretely, they promote accountability and transparency, inform public policy, demonstrate compliance, render complex data simple and easy to understand and facilitate reporting.

Hence for CSOs, they give added value to their monitoring and implementation work and provides a roadmap for more effective CSO action. This quote from Marilyn Waring, a former politician and human rights activist best sums up the significance and value of this formation “What we decide to measure now is what we will prioritise in the future.”

The participants came from 15 members of the UPR Platform. This webinar was part of CCIG’s capacity building efforts for Civil Society Organisations, especially its members and partners, to engage more effectively for the human rights implementation at the local level.